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27 March 2009 @ 08:08 pm
[44] PW;AtLA;Bleach;Disney;DBZ;FF6-12; JakDax;KH;LoZ;Naruto;Okami; OP;Pkmn;SM;ToS;TMNT;Trigun  
Blather: Haha, I swear this place is not dead. I just! God, school, work, everything. But now that I have a huuuuge project due, no better thing to do than buckle down REC THINGS. Mostly art here, mostly going through my DA faves and looking for things that don't get enough attention. So for this post, I tried to stick to things that didn't have many faves/comments already but deserved so many more. I ended up getting a whole other post of the idea, so next time I shirk my work, expect more in this vein.

Running Total: 191 (10 fics, 163 art, 8 vids, 10 misc)

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» [1] Final Fantasy VIII
» [1] Vorkosigan Saga
Total: 2

[Final Fantasy VIII] Scars by magistrate
Characters/Pairings: Laguna and Squall, gen.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Through Disc 3, I think, but generally makes more sense if you've finished the game.
Length: 9,000 words.
Summary: Nine months after a needless tragedy, Squall finds himself caught between forgiveness and revenge.

Squee: I searched for words for a long time on this one. If you have been looking for reconciliation fic for Laguna and Squall... this story is for you — if you are prepapred to hurt for it. I know I did. This hits on the hurt without being too angsty, and notes of grace that go nowhere near soppy — in other words, just the right tone for post-game Squall. Quistis is also a key figure, and very well handled. But really it is Squall, and Laguna, and everything that's gone so wrong. And it can't be fixed, not just like that. It's not easy, it's not pretty, it's incomplete and imperfect, and it's just right.

Thanks to heyheyrenay for pointing me towards this story.

Of course, my favourite parts of this, from Squall's perspective, are dreadfully full of spoilers. I leave you with Quistis and Laguna from early in the story.


Laguna shifted uneasily. "...he must be a really tough commander, huh?"

Quistis looked at him, wearing an expression Laguna couldn't place at first. It took him a moment to realize it was gentle amusement. "You might think so," she said. "But... no, he's not. He doesn't like fuss. I've never seen him get upset with a SeeD. ...which is what makes it so bad when we can't do something—he trusts us. He trusts us to do our best, and he doesn't expect that we'll fail, but he knows we might. And he won't explode at someone for something they couldn't do."

Laguna was grimacing—Quistis trailed off, looking down.

"I'm sorry," she said.

"No, it's—" Laguna forced a smile, tried for a laugh. It came out dull and wounded. "I just—"

"He thinks it's his fault," Quistis said—quickly, softly. "He thinks he could have saved Ellone, that—that she's dead because of him. Cray doesn't enter into it. Cray was doing his job. ...he thinks he failed her."

Laguna stared. Something in his stomach knotted—whether for Ellone or Squall, he couldn't say. Maybe there wasn't a difference. They were both part of the same tragedy. "He tried."

Quistis shook her head. "He tried harder than anything. But—the rules are different when it comes to him. He understands that we can fail, but he doesn't understand that he can."

Laguna's fake smile faltered. "How do you get him to tell you this?"

Quistis smiled back—a sad smile, now. "I don't. I figure it out."

[Vorkosigan Saga] A Deeper Season by lightgetsin/E. E. Beck and sahiya/Stacy
Characters/Pairings: Miles/Gregor
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Very, very spoilery through Memory.
Length: 116,000 words.
Summary:Take one Miles, a hapless cousin, Cetagandan social politics, a galactic conspiracy, a scientific discovery, a lot of firepower, and an unexpected declaration. Mix well and step back quickly.
Canon note: This is an AU, if events had zigged rather than zagged. It begins directly post Memory, though for reasons of convenience and, well, the airy possibilities of fanfiction, Laisa never happened. The rest will unfold as it unfolds.

Squee: First things first: if you have not read the Vorkosigan books, you MUST DO IT NOW. I am not kidding on this. Not even a little bit. You go do it. I will wait right here. Ignore the awful cover art; it has nothing to do with the contents. Start with (a) the Young Miles omnibus (two novels and a short story) — great introduction to the universe and the main character — or (b) the Cordelia's Honor omnibus (two novels that really are one book published in two pieces originally), which is the prequel to Young Miles and is one of my favourite books of all time. I dither about which one to get people to read first, so I leave the choice to you: (a) get acquainted with the universe and the general structure of all subsequent books but miss some of the significance behind certain events and spoil yourself for the ending of the prequel; or (b) read a structurally slightly atypical entry in the series that will bruise your heart and make subsequent books painfully meaningful but not get as rounded an introduction to the universe or the structure of the rest of the books. I do recommend reading both, in whichever order, before going on to the rest of the universe.

Right, uh, I was reccing fic here, yeah.

And. I. Oh good christ. I never really let myself ship it, and then these two authors went and did it just right and I can't help myself anymore. Generally I ROLL WITH JOY in the pairings already provided us in the Vorkosigan books (have I mentioned I ADORE Aral/Cordelia?) but this is Miles/Gregor done SO WELL. I entirely approve of Ekaterin and Laisa in canon, and I just love the existing canon so much that I never thought I could really buy Miles/Gregor. But I tell you what, a little suspension of disbelief for the duration bought me hours of enjoyment, and I regret it not a bit. Except now I will always crave Miles/Gregor of this calibre. It reads almost entirely like a Bujold work, right to the twisty mystery of galactic significance, and echoes off the books that it replaces, from Komarr onward. I love how Gregor and Miles's relationship develops here, and most of the cast puts in appropriate and often delightful appearances (Ivan is fabulous).

Let me just put it this way: the authors have caught the trick of making your heart hurt and your breath catch the way Bujold does, at the tremulous sweep of terrifying possibilities, at the exchange of honour and faith. If you have read the books, then you must understand how hearty a recommendation that is.

To address some caveats: yes, there is a coincidence of incredible proprtions that you will encounter early on in the fic. Just trust me on this one and keep reading; it's worth it and the authors and characters are fully aware of what a blinding coincidence it is. You can't tell me Miles's adventures do not hinge on such congruences in canon.

Secondly, yes, Laisa is hand-waved away. I was cautious at first hearing about this, but again — it's an AU, just go with it, IT IS SO WORTH IT — the authors are very careful with developing the universe and appropriately taking everything into account. It works.

Since I can't bear to end a rec I SO HEARTILY ENDORSE by debunking doubts: this is an engrossing, satisfying, and believable read. Anyone who has been hankering for some nice, long, plotty Vorkosigan fic should definitely give this a shot, even if they're not terribly invested in the pairing. It's just that good. (And LONG. Have I mentioned how I love longfic?)

The story has an equally long sequel, and several shortter works set in the same universe, including some Ivan/Ekaterin (!!!). I have not read these and can't rec them (yet) but based on current evidence I have no doubt this entire alternate timeline is worth a read. I cannot wait to read them. The sequel novel is What Passing Bells, and one of the authors has a tag for all fics in the universe.

Of course, I dither a lot over excerpts — I don't want to give the authors' best parts away! I settled on something from the first chapter, so hopefully I am not ruining too much >.>


"So you want a difficult, challenging, power-hating wife?" Miles asked, raising an eyebrow. "Gregor, do you realize you're describing my mother?"

Gregor laughed into his cup of coffee. "Not quite," he said, setting it down and laying his hands flat on the table as he gazed at Miles. "Close, but not quite."

"What do you want, then?" Miles asked, curiosity piqued. Gregor had not so much as alluded to the prospect of an Imperial marriage for over a decade, not since he had confided his lonely fears after that nearly disastrous attempt to run away from his life. If Miles could slip a clue to Aunt Alys, maybe he could make the whole thing just a little easier for her, and for Gregor. "Or don't you know?" he added, frowning.

"Oh, I know," Gregor said. "That . . . knowing has never been the problem." His fingers drummed rhythmically on the table for a moment, and then stilled. "And yourself?" he asked.


"But what about you?" he hazarded, in attempts to push the conversation back to more fruitful ground. "You never did tell me exactly what it is you're waiting for."

Gregor shrugged. "Sanity," he said lightly. "An opportunity. A miracle. Just time, lately." He leaned forward and took a careful breath, as if gathering himself, and when he looked at Miles again, all humor was gone from his face. "I want someone who will want me in return, who would want me with or without the Imperium. I want someone who could be my equal. I want to know someone as deep as the soul, and be known in return. I want . . . I want to lay my hands between another's, for the first time."

Miles's breath caught. That was a powerful metaphor, a strange choice of Gregor's - surely it was a metaphor.

Gregor paused for one more breath, then reached across the table and took Miles's hands. His touch lingered for a bare, nearly tender millisecond over the kitten scratches, then he turned Miles's palms inwards towards each other, and slipped his own hands between them.

Miles stared for one blank, astonished moment, watching his smaller hands press automatically inward on Gregor's larger ones. He should probably clean his nails, he thought. Then realization arrived as if on a time delay, and Miles felt a hot rush of color flood up his neck and into his face. He snatched his hands back and grabbed the edge of the table like an anchor to reality.

"Are you out of your over-bred, under-nourished, high Vor mind?"

Fan Art

» [1] Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
» [3] Avatar: the Last Airbender
» [1] Bleach
» [3] Disney: Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty
» [1] Dragon Ball: Dragon Ball Z
» [2] Final Fantasy VI
» [2] Final Fantasy VII: FFVII:OGC
» [1] Final Fantasy VIII
» [1] Final Fantasy IX
» [2] Final Fantasy X/X-2: FFX
» [1] Final Fantasy XII: FFXII:OGC
» [1] Jak and Daxter
» [2] Kingdom Hearts
» [3] Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess
» [1] Naruto
» [2] Okami
» [3] One Piece
» [1] Pokemon
» [1] Sailor Moon
» [2] Tales of: Tales of Symphonia
» [2] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
» [1] Trigun
» [3] Guest Stars: His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass; Kim Possible; The Last Unicorn
Total: 39

Ace Attorney

[Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney] 070805 by DontAskMe
Stats: Phoenix/Miles; G; no spoilers
Squee: This colour sketch has a strong, blocky style that I enjoy, and somehow it sits very well with the delicate moment. I love how that it's Miles who has his eyes closed, and Phoenix open.

Avatar: the Last Airbender

[Avatar: the Last Airbender] Avatar- Gazing Up by sexyblue
Stats: The Gaang; G; spoilers for Book 2 members
Squee: Rich, rich, vivid colours, this beautiful subtle but vibrant green saturation. I love that Momo is the only one actually gazing up XD I think I love Sokka best, especially the musculature of his arm and the shading of his tunic. Toph is priceless, of course, from her beautifully articulated bare foot to her slightly smug expression.

[Avatar: the Last Airbender] AtlA: Zhao's Winter Campaign by alciha
Stats: Zhao; G; no spoilers, really
Squee: I— I laughed. Washington Crossing the Delaware, starring Zhao. I have a soft spot for parodies of classic works, especially when they're this well done. Your DIGNITY, Zhao! YOUR DIGNITY. (Bonus love for the anonymous Fire Nation soldiers!)

[Avatar: the Last Airbender] Fire Nations sketches : Jun : by bidrohi
Stats: Jun; G; no spoilers
Squee: Oooh, a wonderfully sketchy, wispy-but-not-delicate bust of Jun. This is so lovely, the way her hair frames the composition, her expression and — favourite part! — her nose. The artist did a little series of these, but this is defintiely my favourite.


[Bleach] Inconspicuous by temporary-glitch
Stats: Kyouraku/Ukitake; G; uhhh don't click if you don't know the Captains?
Squee: I. I am a Kyouraku/Ukitake woobie. I love each of them individually, I love them together, I LOVE THEIR SWORD META SLKFJDKLF;lDFJS um um um and they are so lovely here, soft shading and all the clothing flowing around them, and Kyouraku's hand on Ukitake's face. I love how Kyouraku's SNEAKY SURPRISE is no surprise at all, how Ukitake's touching him back (look closely for it). Bonus points for making Ukitake look right sick, and uh, for overall awesome?


[Beauty and the Beast] Batb: Tale as Old as Time by spicysteweddemon
Stats: Belle/Beast; G; no spoilers
Squee: This artist has a very unique style, and on this picture it sits sweet and expressive. It's a pretty wibble-inducing picture — Beast taking Belle's hand, their faces full of subdued but effective expression. I think that is what I love best, their faces, and how Belle looks delicate but not overwhelmed next to Beast's solid bulk.

[Pocahontas] +bonus [Snow White] Pocahontas of Disney by joaquimbundo
Stats: Pocahontas; G; no spoilers
Squee: The artist did a whole series of these wonderfully vivid coloured-pencil snapshots, and I wrestled with myself for a long time on which one to pick. I settled on this one, for the beautiful richness of her skin tone and her intense but calm expression. .... buuuuut in the end I could not actually pick just one, so I would also like to direct your attention to John and Pocahontas of Disney, where John's skin is beautiful and glowing and his shirt subtly awesome; and Snowwhite of Disney, for her pretty blush and the bold texture of the pencil lines.

[Sleeping Beauty] .Aurora. by Makime
Stats: Princess Aurora; G; no spoilers
Squee: A reduced palette will get me pretty much every time! A gentle burnished gold; I love the soft, sketchy but clean lines, and her trademark hair is beautiful, rich and delicate at once. The tilt of her wrist, and the softly curled fingers.

Dragon Ball

[Dragon Ball Z] Doragon Ball GOKU CHICHI GOTEN by taka0801
Stats: Goku, Chi-Chi, Goten; G; if you don't know who Goten is, don't click?
Squee: I am a sucker for family scenes, and this one is so easy and relaxed and well-executed. Chi-Chi is beautiful, and the whole little scene is so warm. Dammit, DBZ fandom needs more fluff! And here it is. I think I love the contrast between Goku and Goten's profiles, adult and child, and Goten's adorable little shoes XD

Final Fantasy VI

[Final Fantasy VI] Final Fantasy VI by Jayun
Stats: Terra; G; no spoilers
Squee: Terra in Magitek Armour, and I love the atmosphere here, a blurry rush of snow and steam. I love Terra as the spot of relative warmth in this composition, and even then her shades are subdued and on the cool side; and the contrast between her soft, delicate lines and the stronger strokes on the armour.

[Final Fantasy VI] FANTASY GUY by TheBlackMarket
Stats: Edgar and Rem; uhhh G?; spoilers if you don't know all the party members
Squee: SERIOUS REC IS SERIOUS FOR SERIOUS ART GUYS. Family Guy stopped being funny forever ago, but for some reaoson I still snerked. Oldschool fans, do tell — IS Edgar more pedorrific in the GBA remake?

Final Fantasy VII

[Final Fantasy VII: OGC] One Winged Angel of Death by johnnybuddahfist
Stats: Aerith, Sephiroth; PG; if you can't guess why it's PG don't click
Squee: I'M SORRY GUYS. I JUST. I CAN'T STAY SERIOUS TODAY. This is the third rec that's gotten in by virtue of the funny and I SWEAR I'LL STOP. I know this is kind of a NOTFUNNY moment, but jesus, this artist just makes it look so ridiculous and CRAZY and god, I'm sorry, I had to crack up. I think Aerith being COMPLETEY WALL-EYED won me over.

[Final Fantasy VII: OGC] ::Construction:: by opticneuralinterface
Stats: Aerith; G; no spoilers
Squee: Here, this is to make up for the last one. There's something haunting about this pic, about the weird shadows and the glow behind her, and her eyes — the atmosphere of the pic hits up the feeling I got from certain parts of the game... haunting and strange. The blend of thick strokes and soft colours works for me, blocking in a feeling for Aerith, constructing form for her without ever fully defining her. I keep coming back to her eyes, and the pastels running together.

Final Fantasy VIII

[Final Fantasy VIII] rinoa by rue-different
Stats: Rinoa; G; no spoilers
Squee: Just Rinoa, with a small smile and a charming tilt of the head. The way this artist paints makes the whole thing seem soft and solid, and I love the little details, like the fact that her necklace chain makes small shadows where it lies over her collar bones. Lovely and sweet.

Final Fantasy IX

[Final Fantasy IX] Freya Crescent by Niking
Stats: Freya; G; no spoilers
Squee: I think I have fallen terminally in love with this artist's colouring style. It's so lively, he gives it so much texture. I love how saturated the colours here, but you barely notice because he's kept the palette pretty slim. Freya's hair seems to glow, but I think my favourite part (besides her beautifully done helm) is how the colouring makes the bottom hem of her coat look frayed.

Final Fantasy X

[Final Fantasy X] Yuna by Barukurii
Stats: Yuna; G; no spoilers
Squee: Yuna lying on the sand. I'm not sure what it is about this picture — it's a touch rough around the edges, but something about her pose, and the way she's looking at the viewer, just seems so— effective to me. I enjoy the way the artist brings across the different textures of her clothing — the stiffer folds of her skirt and the soft drape of her sleeves.

[Final Fantasy X] ユウナのはな by Seventh Heaven
Stats: Yuna; G; no spoilers
Squee: Hey, sure, more Yuna, and this is her Sending. I love the flow of her clothes and the softly saturated colours, but I think my favourite part is the water, stylized and beautiful.

Final Fantasy XII

[Final Fantasy XII: OGC] Carrots by monkey-hero
Stats: Balthier/Fran; G; no spoilers
Squee: This artist had a couple of pics that fit the theme, and as always there was much wringing of hands over which to pick. I settled on this one for its polish and lovely details and effective white space. The background, though sparse, is surprisingly delicately rendered, with lovely little details interspersed throughout — and yet, not overwhelming the central figures. The artist admits the setup is possibly unlikely, but I just look at it as charmingly whimsical — and I enjoy it when Fran is made less remote and more... human? Yeah, we'll go with that. I love her delicate lines here, and Balthier's expression.
Bonus: Be-heach Balthier and Fran, just hangin'. At the beach. Because I am a sucker for the vivid blue of the sky contrasting with Fran's skin, and the wisps of her less formal ponytail. And for caught-in-the-act, photo-like compositions.

[Final Fantasy XII: OGC] Relaxing Fran by mishinsilo
Stats: Fran; G; no spoilers
Squee: Ah, Fran, how lovely, an intricate bust with an unusual pose to show off her beautiful arms. Her hair kind of takes over the picture, but it is so lovely, rich and intricate and curling and wisping everywhere, in layed colours — this artist just brings Fran's har to life. I also enjoy how her ears are fluffier but still contrast with her hair, her slightly snarky expression, and the attention to detail in her armour. But really, lord!, the hair.

Jak and Daxter

[Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy] As We Were by TRIP
Stats: Jak, Daxter; G; no spoilers
Squee: Jak and Daxter before their world went crazy. I love how the landscape is vivid behind them but they are shadowed, and the small bright flare of Daxter's hair (how I love his original hair!). I think what I like best — and I have NO IDEA how the artist managed to do this — is that somehow Jak's silence is communicated in the picture. And that is a neat trick.

Kingdom Hearts

[Kingdom Hearts II] KH2-ROXAS by RIRASORA
Stats: Roxas; G; no spoilers
Squee: Hey, you know what's hard to find? Roxas art that has not been faved/commented all to betsy. But guess what? Here it is. Roxas, portrait-style. I love the limited, unsaturated palette, like he's fading away; the whole picture feels soft and sketchy. His pose and expression are simple yet so quietly expressive.

[Kingdom Hearts] O, Woeful Demise by Paira
Stats: Sora, Kairi; G; spoilers for Hollow Bastion
Squee: I. I LIED OKAY. I swear this is really the last one. I just. This artist's style is so charming and so inappropriate here and the overexagerrated poses and Kairi's face turning blue — I'm sorry guys. I CAN'T RESIST THE FUNNY. I swear I'll stop. Meanwhile, marvel at how this artist's style is reminiscent of rreaalllly oldschool Disney while still being totally unique. Also see: even-more-adoable-than-usual Heartless up top.

Legend of Zelda

[The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time] Ganondorf by LordMishkin
Stats: Ganondorf; G; no spoilers
Squee: The artist does a fantastic job of capturing Ganondorf's sense of quiet menace here, with the stark lighting and shadowed face. The work on the fur mantle is especially impressive.

[The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time] LoZ- Link-Ocarina by kichisu
Stats: Link;G; no spoilers
Squee: After that Ganondorf, how about something that is almost painfully wholesome? Here's kid Link, playing the ocarina in the forest. I love this artist's style and how adorable she makes Link look, and how the air is full of magic. I think my favourite part — besides Link's eyelashes, oh my god — might be the trees, the stylized pattern of the bark.

[The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess] Beautiful Midnight II cover by ladyjenise
Stats: Link, Zelda, Midna, Ilia, Shad, Zant; G; spoilers for Midna's appearance at end
Squee: Twilight Princess art that is not full of gloom! And yet you still get a sense of twilight here, from the wonderful warm colours and the sky giving a sense of sunset — or sunrise. The line art is simple and unobtrosive but expressive, and there are these wonderful soft shadows everywhere. Zan't helm is pretty much amazing, but I think I love Midna — both Midnas — most, for their sassy expressions.


[Naruto] SasuNaru: Here I Am by MuseSilver
Stats: Naruto/Sasuke; G; spoilers for Sasuke's appearance post-Timeskip
Squee: I— I tried to stay strong. I tried to keep this post to recs of mostly underrecognized art. I did. But I just. CANNOT RESIST THIS. This is hilarious and simple and so full of Naruto's GLOMPING motion and just! 900 faves is practically nothing for art of this pairing, right? I just. I love the simplicity of the linework and yet how it manages to capture all the details, and how Sasuke catches Naruto, and Naruto's legs upon GLOMPING IMPACT. And the way their faces are hidden and Sasuke's hands aren't.


[Okami] White Light Majesty by starshock12
Stats: Amaterasu, Orochi; PG for scary villains; mild spoilers for Orochi's appaearance
Squee: A pretty big departure from the game style — most of the Okami art I find tries to reflect the brush or oriental feel — but bow howdy, does it work. I love the lively colour creeping into Amaterasu, from her feet from, the shadows of her fur, from her weapons. Orochi in the background is excellent, serpentine and frightening (geez, those teeth!), and some bonus nice cloud work at the top. I think I like Amatersaru's tail and the dripping fangs on Orochi best.

[Okami] Yomigami- Journey's Beginning by KaiserFlames
Stats: Amaterasu, Issun, Yomigami; G; spoilers for River of the Heavens (early in game)
Squee: I guess I am currently in the business of epic, stylistically off-canon pics with serpetine critters dominating the top of the compoistion. This is not a problem because this pic is amazing — Yomigamu, Amaterasu, the sky, guys, don't miss the sky because the sweep of stars and nebulae is beautiful, and below that, look for it, roil faint masses of other gods. And that is awesome. And you can see Yomigami's scales — HOW FABULOUS IS THAT.

One Piece

[One Piece] One Piece - Zoro Roronoa and One Piece - Sanji by Nesskain
See also: One Piece - Luffy, One Piece - Nami
Stats: Zoro, Sanji, Luffy, Nami; G; very vague spoilers on the Sanji one for Enies Lobby
Squee: When an artist does a series I try, guys, I TRY to pick one to feature out of the set. I just couldn't! Perhaps my choices are BIASED by the presence of ferocious KITTIES in the Sanji and Zoro ones, but they are also just plain fabulous and badass and lovely. The artist says he struggled for a long time picking a Luffy pose, but I have to give them many compliments on the one he chose, it's fantastic! I loved the stylized rendering of the theme-animal for each of them; the contrast between the animal and character styles works out well for me.

[One Piece] Nakama by olafpriol
Stats: Strawhats; G; spoilers for members at end of Water 7 arc
Squee: From the Things That NEVER GET OLD Department: nakama. This is a nakama group hug, and it is fabulous. You see no faces, and that works; it's so expressive. I love all the hands and arms, how we see just a bit of each character but they're so distinctive. Wonderful.

[One Piece] op - dieseis fleur by muura
Stats: Strawhats; G; spoilers for member at end of Thriller Bark
Squee: Once more: nakama, lots of arms, lots of hands, few faces — but such a different picture! This is such a clever take on Robin's powers, and I love how much about each crew member is captured in what little we see of them. And of course, Robin in front, serene and lovely. I am hard pressed to pick a favourite here, but— Franky, NEVER CHANGE XD


[Pokemon] POKEMANS by Suguro
Stats: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle; G; no spoilers
Squee: Here is your daily dose of Pokemon diabetes-inducing art. Each of these guys glows with adorableness; I am not sure how much more adorable you can get without passing out. I think I love Charmander's bubbly little cheeks best, but as a bonus, look for the HIDDEN SPIRALS OF CUTENESS the artist has sprinkled over each of them.

Sailor Moon

[Sailor Moon] Sailor Venus by 1022
Stats: Minako/Sailor Venus; G; no spoilers
Squee: This artist did a series of simple and very pretty Sailor Moon portraits; this one is my favourite, for the contrast between the wispy lines and rougher texture, and for her expression: just a hint of sass.
The rest of the series: Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Sailor Mercury Sailor Uranus

Tales of

[Tales of Symphonia] ジャッジメント萌 by Lies and Reasons
Stats: Kratos; G; spoilers for, uh, pretty late in the game.
Squee: Okay, I am weak for Kratos in his Judgment outfit, but this is marvelously executed, with the pose and all parts of his character design coming together to create great flow. The details are well-done and not distracting, and overall I am so happy to have found this. The author seems to have some pretty amusing comments on his outfit there, but someone who understand Japanese WAY better than I do would have to tell me XD

[Tales of Symphonia] ★ FLASHFIRE by AMATARISC
Stats: Kratos, Lloyd, Anna; G; spoilers for relationships among the lot of them
Squee: I think... besides the fiery colours and cool shadows, the beautiful execution, the fact that it's a picture of THESE THREE — I think it's the poses. So little is shown, and so much is said, and I am always a sucker for such talent. The opposition between Lloyd and Kratos, and Anna between them. Beautiful. (This artist's site also has a beautiful shot of Terra in the header but I could not find the original pic, or I'd be all over it!)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] Kneel by amandatello
Stats: Raphael; Mature for blood; no spoilers
Squee: It looks so simple, but it's such a telling image. Oh, Raph. This is stark, and minimal, and hits you hard. I just. I love how much is conveyed by so little.

[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] TMNT-Thanks Raph by anticia
Stats: Raphael and Donatello; G; no spoilers
Squee: I love these casual brotherly moments. You don't get enough fanworks that feature Donatello in any way, nor a Raph not being some flavour of ass and/or angst. This pic is sketchy, but still well-executed and just— major heart-on for this captured moment.


[Trigun] TRIGUN_BAD_VER_for_halloween by hoyhoykung
Stats: Vash; PG for vaguely gruesome; don't click of you don't know what Vash can do with his right arm
Squee: Holy jeebus, this artist has captured how Angel Arms are both beautiful and kind of obscene and gruesome, and yet the image is all bright colours and high contrast and somehow that makes it even worse (better). I love the half-transparent wings erupting everywhere and just the general ugly mess that is Vash's arm; it's kind of grotesquely beautiful. And then of course there is Vash himself, his expression, looking extra slick.

Guest Stars

[His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass] The Golden Compass by AdamHunterPeck
Stats: Lyra; G; no more spoilers than you get off the existing cover
Squee: Cover idea for the first book, and is it ever beautiful! I love the vivid colours for the sky in the background, and the take on Lyra is great — the artist has captured both her youth and her intelligence; the expression on her face is wonderful.

[Kim Possible] Kim Possible - The Monkey Cave by CYCOMarts
Stats: Kim and Ron; G; no spoilers
Squee: Yo, KP fandom. WHY ARE YOU NOT ALL OVER THIS. This is a brilliant 3D render of Kim and Ron on an adventure, with Ron looking appropriately doubtful and Kim forging on ahead. Have I mentioned it's in 3D? And MADE OF AWESOME? The artist has a couple more KP renders in his gallery, but here's a bonus straight up: Kim Possible

[The Last Unicorn] 2003 - The Last Unicorn by ladyfoxglove
Stats: The Red Bull and the Unicorn; G; not... really spoilery?
Squee: A definite departure from the movie style, and no less lovely for it. I love how this captures the mass of the Red Bull, and how the Unicorn seems to just shine on the canvas.


» [1] Trigun
Total: 1

[Trigun] This Is Living! by Sierra Lorna (Premonition Studios)
Song: Good Charlotte - Movin' On
Stats: Vash, appearances by entire cast; PG; spoilers through the end of the anime
Squee: I think I'd been meaning to rec this one for a while and just never got around to it, which is a shame, because this is one excellent vid. Good Charlotte might not be everyone's cup of tea, but the song choice is so appropriate to Vash's philosophy, to his life. My favourite parts come at the end, with the choice of scenes for "trust" and the imagery about Knives and Rem to the "some friends become enemies/some friends become your family" lines. This vid hits the right tone of of a kind of upbeat sadness that fits the anime very well.


» [1] Metroid Cosplay
» [1] Trigun Cosplay
Total: 2

[Metroid Prime 3: Corruption] Hunting Space Pirates by Yukilefay
Medium: Cosplay
Stats: Samus Aran; G; no spoilers
Squee: Spankin' awesome Samus cosplay. I only learned of it recently, but it's gotten accolades and even awards, I hear — and well it should, this cosplayer deserves it! The armour is amazingly well done, smooth and accurate and believable. Plus, everything that should be shiny and light up is shiny and lights up. I am won over.
More Shots: The Bounty Hunter - Samus Aran (helmet off), Metroid: Samus side view (classic profile shot), Samus' blaster cannon (blaster cannon!)

[Trigun] Couple of Studs by Ex-Shadow
Medium: Cosplay
Stats: Vash; G; no spoilers
Squee: Though this is one of the cosplayer's more informal shots, it's one of my favourites, because it shows off so many things I love most about the costume. The attention to detail in this cosplay is ridiculous (check out the lovingly rendered bits of undersuit, visible on arms and legs in the extra shots below), but my favourite thing about this cosplay is that the costume actually looks worn and abused, like it is in canon. It's something I've just gotten used to with cosplay — people don't wear clothes like that every day, so the cosplay costumes never look like people actually live in them, you know? But this one— oh yeah. I LOVE the bullet holes and scorch marks everywhere, it is just the touch I never realized I'd been looking for in Vash cosplay.
I'm serious, though, check out the arms. Especially the left one. Holy jesus.
More Shots:
$$60billion man: straight-up head-on shot.
Caught by Storm: Vash is assaulted by a stormtrooper. Beside's the cosplayer's priceless face, this shot shows off the undersuit to great advantage >.>
Taking Aim: check out the boots. SERIOUSLY.
And there are, of course, more awesome pics in the artist's gallery; go look!

Total: 45
Baconfat: HIGH FIVE!!!!!!!thebaconfat on March 29th, 2009 05:07 pm (UTC)
Oh my gosh, AWESOME. magistrate is a heck of an FF8 writer, and has a lot of cool stuff on hir FFnet acount.

Tank you so much for sharing these! I love that Beauty and the Beast, and oh, oh, those Pokemon! SO ADORABLE! And those 3D Kim Possible pieces are freakin' awesome, and holy crap, I think that Trigun cosplay is the most badass cosplay I've ever seen in my life. And his expression with the Stormtrooper! Fantastic!

Basically, this post has made my week. Thank you!
ira: zoro spazz (fire_tears)justira on March 29th, 2009 08:42 pm (UTC)


Thanks so much for letting me know you enjoyed these! Cause, uh, basically I just want everyone to ROLL IN JOY with me and have awesome fandom times! =D
unfortunate hobo: Cid: Little Girls (first_seventhe on March 30th, 2009 12:40 pm (UTC)
unfortunate hobo: Cecil: +100 for COCKfirst_seventhe on March 30th, 2009 04:39 pm (UTC)
Update #1



How in the world can Miles/Gregor possibly be this freaking HOT

{EDITED TO ADD:} And how much do I love Ivan? TOO FREAKING MUCH.

Edited at 2009-03-30 04:41 pm (UTC)
ira: zoro spazz (fire_tears)justira on March 30th, 2009 05:50 pm (UTC)
Re: Update #1

I should never have read this story or the rest of their universe because I will always be wanting Miles/Gregor fic that is THIS AWESOME. NOW YOU SEE MY PROBLEM.

And yes, Ivan is, as I say in the rec, fabulous

And it's okay, I totally got NOTHING DONE all day when I read this fic >.>